Before Fursuit, I was very impressed that a modern emerging culture has such strong creativity.

The small culture that once lived on the internet, has seen so many changes in the trend, but it still retains that original vitality. I love to see the vitality that people burst out when they are in Fursuit. The joy seems to last forever in every laughter. I hope that this joy can be passed on to more people. The beauty of GentleFur is not only the outside, from each piece of fabric that is perfectly connected, to the naturally curved legs, presenting a perfect shape. There are expectations hidden in every stitch and thread, looking forward to your admiration when you wear it, looking forward to leaving the impression of joy to others, looking forward to being with you for a long time.

From the beginning of touching, how to choose an excellent Fursuit fabric?

Strong feel, full of fur?

Breathable enough not to be too hot?

Excellent glossy, while feels smooth?

Should expensive fur be the only choice of trust?

Let’s see how GentleFur measures all these aspects.

To understand what good fur is, you need to start with the raw material. The physical properties and feel of artificial furs depend on the composition of the material. The materials that can be used to make artificial fur are polyester and acrylic, and their proportions can greatly affect the properties of the finished product.

Polyester is our common material, commonly known as polyester fiber, characterized by high strength, wear resistance. The disadvantage is not elastic. Full polyester fur is dominated by medium fox and big fox-based. Slightly thicker silk will give you a hard fur. The cheap fur on the market is polyester because it is cheap to make. Acrylic is close to wool, which is what synthetic furs are made of. The acrylic structure is a special, irregular spiral, which is also the source of its delicate feel. Almost all of the faux fur products on the market have acrylic in them. So why doesn’t such a good material replace polyester in fur? For a simple reason, acrylic raw materials are 50% more expensive than polyester.

GentleFur places higher requirements on fine Fursuit. Customize our fur fabric from the beginning, to produce exclusive fine fur fabric.

Touch feeling is the first intuitive experience, and we compare the texture of fabrics obtained by a variety of ratios, using a formula with an ultra-high acrylic content of 80% to ensure absolute comfort of touch feeling.

Perception as our second priority, such as long hair brings more rigid without change. observe the real animal hair is not difficult to find that the use of long hair blend fabric can make the fursuit appears more natural.

Just the thickness even in the last but also can not be ignored the problem, too thick fabric in addition to leading to the finished product fat, mobility will be greatly limited.

With qualified materials, you can make animal fabrics. The wool cloth on the market in order to make the finished product look plump but also to cope with the winter clothing production will be to keep warm as a priority to consider, this wool made of animal clothing will be very bloated, not to mention the summer out of use. Different manufacturers make different requirements, want to find the right length and color in the vast market is a needle in a haystack.

Fabrics are just the beginning, and next time let’s dive into GentleFur to spy on the secrets of the animal-dressing process.

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