Complete beasts in addition to the soul of the head is no less than beast body.

GentleFur believes that a good animal wear experience requires a comfortable touch and an excellent look.

Free body, not only every piece of pattern needs tailoring fine hand, choose the appropriate fabric to present a natural effect is the designer behind the credit.


Exquisite lining workmanship, every inch is intimate.

A dress is not enough to be external, the inner attention is the enjoyment of wearing. Perhaps you've been annoyed by the rough texture of contact with the skin behind the plush, or experienced the embarrassment of a sweat-soaked lining flipping out together when removed, or a sweat-absorbing lining made of velvet that is difficult to clean after long-term use.

Behind every piece of cloth is our efforts to wear better for you. For a great experience, all the animal suits from GentleFur are lined.

We have been compared with many finished products, the final selection of breathable excellent spandex-containing elastic fabrics, comfortable and soft, but also consider playing with elastic spandex brought about by free movement, but also quick sweating to ensure cool, cleaning is not easy to residual stains protection fabrics. GentleFur differs from conventional clothing practices in dealing with the easy shifting of large areas of lining on the inside of the animal suit. Add a lot of handmade dark lines to fit the lining with the fabric, inside and outside every inch with your close-up place fine care.


Classic five-fingered beast claws, craft never compromised.

Tiny animal claws are a microcosm of our requirements for animal dressing.

Why does GentleFur's classic five-fingered claws look so special? The secret is on the exclusive version of GentleFur. As a classic style, in addition to the requirements of wearing proportional symmetry, we have added more requirements to this classic.

The emotion of the hand is an important part of the performance, it can not be a round dough, must have a can separate fingers. It needs to take into account the realistic animal clothes enough delicate structure, but also to accept the budding animal clothes to bring us cute round characteristics. The selection of fabrics seems irrelevant but is also an important part of GentleFur's upgrade of the styling concept. Only use the manual tibetan thread method sewing meat mats, with four-sided bullet fabric. Fully fitted with the same lining and leather wrap edge, the same grade of fine fabric production, only for the display of each pair of animal claws are fine. The size of the tests allows each pair of claws to match the daily travel clothing, transforming into a perfect half-dress.


Let more people have their own custom boutique animal clothes is our desire, many times the improvement and revision is our pursuit of high quality. Next time, the most difficult leg in the body, what kind of craft will GentleFur present?

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