The most outstanding place in Fursuit besides the head is the digitigrade legs that change the shape of the human body.

Each set of fursuits has its own most suitable digitigrade leg size, GentleFur provided three different sizes: straight legs, small digitigrade, large digitigrade. Using an all-cotton filling structure, fold-free, easy to compress, and easy to carry.

The small digitigrade is exquisite, for realistic and semi-realistic style. It can make the body appear tall.

The large digitigrade is full and rounded. Its build for Kemono and Tonny style. the elastic filling makes it really flexible and gives it a lot of movement freedom.

Good digitigrade is made by good infill.

GentleFur’s ortho-style legs are preferably breathable lining, offering different filling options depending on each customer’s size.

Many manufacturers only consider the beauty of the finished product, the use of sponge structure for engraving, this shape with sponge is usually hard, this is to make the finished product in the future when wearing is not easy to damage. It is also conceivable that the joint part of the finished product is worn when rubbing against a sponge or blocking causes mobility problems.

Some manufacturers use pillow fillers to realistic such small and intimate outfits, and pillow filling is a cheap and quick solution. In the case of unso attached beasts such as big curly legs, a large number of pillows can be a huge hindrance every time they are worn, not to mention the fatal problem of repeated displacements after the event.

At GentleFur, the curved leg only needs a fill, the original three-zone integrated inner bile, targeted filling in different parts, and the ability to fold for easy travel. Thoroughly optimize old-fashioned sponge filling hard, bulky, unable to compress the inconvenience of carrying the disadvantages, as well as a large number of pillow filling caused by misplaced bloated, fill shift, when using the pillow position can not be determined and other embarrassing issues. After two years of revamped optimization, it takes only ten seconds and is as easy as wearing pants.

Worry-free travel, two soles, free to switch.

New animal clothes can’t wait to take out the door to have a good sun, but lovely velvet soles will break?

So you look around for who can make animal slippers?

Get the rough slippers or don’t follow your heels or pull the wool into a deformation?

Beast-fitting soles have been a barrier to our stepping out of the reunion hotel.

Take a look at the replaceable soles we’ve created for you.

GentleFur comes standard with two soles for all styles

Velvet style soft cute play on the clean ground,EVA style hard strong out of the door to rest assured that the road

Two soles with a firm back, to deal with different scenes want to change, why wear slippers?

At this point, a set of experienced animal clothes can carry out the final process. Packaging is also an essential step before sending a work to a customer. What’s next for GentleFur’s packaging?

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