Beast head as the soul of the whole set of animal suits, do a good job of appearance can be completely inadequate.

Don't look so small, gentleFur's beast head is one of the most complex of all.

In order to ensure consistent quality of the finished product, from head modeling to shaping all by GentlFur autonomous control.


Each set of styles has its own head-to-head ratio, realistically wants to look tall and flexible, the germination wants to look small and cute, and the head size plays a key role in the final wearing effect. GentleFur starts with the skull size, each beast style has its own appropriate size, adds the actual data of the head circumference and modifies the skull size of the customer's height,

Get the perfect performance while better fitting your face.


Richer face shape, each set is not repeated.

GentleFur's own skull model style currently covers realistic, aesthetic and germination, as well as an exclusive semi-realistic style.

Reality to the brave you,

Half-realistic to the gentle you,

Meng department to lovely you,

Beauty is for the energetic you,

Of course, in this culture full of personality, the four categories are simply not enough to cover each customer's personal character. Some realistically want to look soft and have a smoother, rounder face; some germinates want to be brave, with high eyebrow-locking eyes an excellent choice.

GentleFur has plenty of room for these dreams, and based on these styles we retouch them to suit the character's individual needs, allowing each outfit to establish its own unique feature from the skull.


The use of collapsible structure, saving up to half of the storage space.

Meng and the United States head for visual effects, height is usually above 45cm, compared to the height of the human head is about 23cm, it is conceivable that every trip huge animal head is a difficult to carry items, the internal cavity for us to wear a strong package at the same time also occupies a lot of space.

GentleFur abandons traditional sponge cutting structures

The back brain part is transformed into an original collapsible process

Finished effect three-dimensional round, when the collection can compress the back of the brain to reduce the volume, so that your beast head save up to half of the space. The inner bile volume is 70% less than the traditional sponge structure, durable and collapsible more than 100 times.


We love animal clothes and want to take it with us everywhere. Look at the beautiful fireworks and stroll down the jungle trail. Appearance and portable improvements, sun out of your best side. Next time, explore the process of GentleFur that you may not see.

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