Good craft, where you "see" not to see.

Dressed in animal clothes ready to start the footsteps of personality, can not see the road that can not. Stumbles also need the help of others, I wear animal clothes is not to be blind.

Vision has always been an elusive issue, no matter what style of beast head is.


Realistic small head can not have a large vision hole, coupled with the face and skull size does not fit, wearing the eyes away from the perforation, the whole view of the inner wall structure of the head shell. Although the head of the germination system has a large window, but once the height error becomes only left the floor field of view, others say hello are blind.

GentleFur uses different solutions for different head types.


Ergonomic modeling that fits comfortably with you.

The human face is diverse in structure, and a comfortable skull needs to be lightweight and robust while allowing the wearer to have a good field of view, and a reasonable perforated position requires multiple commissioning and iterations.

GentleFur's skull modeling takes into account the characteristics of facial proportions, with the aim of optimal breathability, widest field of view and best visuals, and has been modified several times to achieve today's excellent experience. The interior is paired with adjustable soft packs that comfort each different face type.


Laser cutting process, high-quality field of view.

Ergonomically designed animal skull, eyes as a flash point of animal head, but also the wearer can see the outside world when not crossed the medium.

The common traditional practice is to use mesh cloth, the advantage is breathable at the same time, the field of vision is also good, but manual drawing is difficult to do fine color uniform. The other is to print the pattern on the transparent film, the picture quality is delicate, that is, inkjet can only use transparent ink, poor color not to say, through the colored lenses to see the outside is more painful.

Here, GentleFur has a better plan.

Own laser cutting equipment, multi-layer composite structure to solve the balance of printing and perspective problems, presented to you with a clear field of vision, excellent image of waterproof eyes. The precise, thin-hole structure retains the fine quality and color of the printing, and gives you a better viewpoint. At a glance, see through the palm of your hand, say goodbye to the trembling you, step up the pace of self-confidence.


The premise of being able to move freely is to see where the road is and to help you get through the invisible places. Next time, how can a single head work, I have to proudly stretch my limbs.

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