Seek for your perfect scent


GentleFur Studio equipped with a specialized fragrance laboratory for personal and fursuit fragrance making

Because of the huge difference between scent card and fur, every fragrance are tested on fur to ensure no stains and great smell


The corridor series

Walking down the colorful corridor, all the sweet and pleasant, elegant and calm are just a spotlight on you.


We have created The Red Tea, Milion Lavander and The Mist & Rain for you to choose from

And there are The Corridor Series -- The Sweet Orange Corridor, The Grapefruit Corridor, The Jasmine Corridor, and The Cherry Blossom Corridor

More fragrance are coming soon


The Nature Series

Meet you

Are like breeze and drizzle, presenting the beauty of nature. 


The Earth Series

Find you

Are like animals and forests, presenting the scent of nature.


The Civilization Series

Owns you

Are like Talent and Seven Wonders, presenting the greatness of civilization.


Do you hope for a unique scent? Wish to be recognized among the crowd?

GentleFur Studio offers personlized fursuit scent customization, tell us what you want and we will help you make it real.

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