Fursuit Commission FAQ

Q. What are your costume prices?
A. Please email us to get an official quote on your project.

Q: What is a quote?
A: A quote, or price quote, is an advance statement of the cost of your proposed project. It is informational and does not imply any commitment on the part of GentleFur Studio, or the customer. While the price quote is not an order agreement in itself, you MUST have a quote from us before you can place an order.

Q: When do I ask for a quote?
A: Ask for a quote at any time that quotes are open. Quotes are usually open, but we may close if we are on a trip or otherwise occupied. If quotes (or other correspondence) are closed, the auto-reply email will state this.
Quotes are valid for 3 months from the original date given. If your quote is more than 3 months old, you will need to get a new quote.

Q: How do I ask for a quote?
A: Send us an email with a description of your costume idea (plus concept art or photo references if applicable), the features you want, and any relevant references.

Q: The price looks good and I want to order. When do I send money/When do you start/Can we proceed immediately?
A: Please do not send any money unless we bill you. The quote is a non-committal statement – in giving you a price, we have not agreed to start work on your project, and you should not assume that an order has been placed. We take work in scheduled production batches, and new projects are accepted on an application basis. Please watch the front page of the website, or our Twitter for the information, or sign up for our mailing list for commission opening day announcements. And you should also read out the Fursuit commission contract to make sure you are ok with all the terms. Once you pay you will be considered to agree with all the terms and are willing to proceed.

Q: What can I do to maximize my chances of getting a slot?
A: We give a lot of priority to commercial and film ventures. Equal priority is given to all personal commission customers.
Furthermore, we want to form friendly, professional business relationships with our clients, and since production takes at least a few months, we know that we will be working with every client for a long time. It is important to maintain friendly professionalism with us, as we would not work with a client who has presented themselves in a demanding, pushy, or otherwise rude manner.

Q: How do I place an order/get in the production batch?
A: When we open for orders, send a request for a commission slot via email to order@gentlefur.com. In your message, be sure to include a description of the project you are intending to commission and the price you were quoted. You need to have a valid quote already in order to apply!
Be ready with your 30% down payment, and let us know what method you’d like to use to pay (Paypal are accepted). If your commission request is accepted, we will inform you via email, and send you an invoice for the down payment. Send your payment within 72 hours.

Q: When do I send payment, and how much do I send?
A: After you signed the contract, you will need to be ready to send no less than 30%. If you want to pay higher than 30%, that is absolutely fine, but make sure to let us know how much you want to send so that we can bill you properly.

Orders under $100USD must be paid in full.
Do not send any payments until we confirm that your project is accepted and send you an invoice. Sending payment early will result in an immediate refund (minus Paypal fees), and will lose you the opportunity to get into the production batch at all. Once you receive an invoice, please pay the entire invoice amount within 24 hours.

Q: What sort of payment do you accept?
A: International payments can be sent via PayPal, bank card (via PayPal), and International Money Order (personal cheque and standard money order are not accepted).

Q: What payment plans are available?
A: We require a minimum of 30% down payment. After that, payments can be made in installments of the greater of 10% or $100 per month. Payments in higher amounts are also welcome.

Q: I’ve made my down payment; when do I make my next installment?
A: We will send you an invoice on a fixed date every month. we will bill you in installments by default. If you intend to pay more, just let us know so that we bill you correctly.

Q: How do I know whether you’ve opened for commissions?
A: Look for the Commission Opening announcement. Commission request emails open at that time, whether an additional announcement is made or not.
We also try to put a count-down timer on the front page of the website, which very clearly indicates when we start taking requests.

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