GentleFur Studio products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and deliver high-quality performance, ease of use and ease of installation. If you encounter any difficulties while using your product, we recommend that you first consult the user manual or the information in the support section of this website, where (depending on the product type) you may find a downloadable user manual, frequently asked questions, instruction videos or a support forum.

In the unlikely event of a failure of the product, GentleFur Studio will arrange for your product to be serviced, free-of-charge when you inform us of the defect within the warranty period, provided that the product was used in accordance with the user manual (e.g. in the intended environment).

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase as stated on your proof-of-purchase and expires at the end of the period indicated in the section “Warranty period” below. If you require service but you lost your proof-of-purchase, the warranty period shall be deemed to have started three weeks from the date of manufacture.

Where a repair is not possible or not commercially viable, GentleFur Studio may arrange for a new or refurbished product of similar functionality, or do a refund up to full purchase price of the product plus tax (subject to terms and conditions). After a repair, firmware upgrade or replacement the warranty period will continue from the date of the original purchase.

The warranty does not cover the associated loss from the product, including but not limited to data loss or business loss. GentleFur Studio warranty
Will not apply to the following situations:
 The product is used for commercial purposes.
 Misuse or misuse of the product, or operation in a location that does not match the recommended product use environment barrier.
 Damage caused by an accident, including but not limited to lightning, abnormal voltage, flood or fire, natural disaster or traffic accident.
 Damage caused by animals.
 Product damage caused by component wear (such parts are considered to be consumable parts based on their performance) or product damage caused by damage to the glass parts.

3D Print Skull: One Year

Fursuit head: 3 months

Fursuit body: 3 months

Fursuit HandPaw: 1 month

Fursuit FeetPaw: 1 month

Fursuit tail (alone): 3 months

Fursuit parts (horns, wings, nails, etc.): 6 months

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