Party A (legal name):

Mobile phone number:

Method A determines the guardian (Party C): 

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Party B: Chongqing Bird Art Development Co., Ltd

Unified social credit code:


Legal representative: Shi Xiangwen



Now on the design matters entrusted by Party A, Party B accepts the design and production commission, on the commissioned design and production matters, the two sides by consensus. Party A's payment means that it has carefully read and agreed to the terms of this contract and agreed to sign this contract in accordance with the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China, and both parties undertake to abide by the implementation. If Party A does not have full civil capacity in the form of a contract, Party C hereby confirms the legality and validity of the contract between Party A and Party B and guarantees it.


1     Delegates

1.1    See Annex 2 for details


2     The payment method

2.1    Party A shall pay 30%of the total production cost as a deposit to Party B within two working days from receipt of the payment notice, and Party B will add Party A orders to the production schedule in order of payment after receipt of the deposit.

2.2    After the completion of production, Party A shall, within three days after receiving the confirmation form, agree by mail or contact Party B to confirm (all of which are equally valid), and confirm that Party A shall pay off the full balance of the production expenses immediately. Party B will send the finished product to Party A within ten working days after receiving all the payments from Party A.

2.3    Party A may choose to use installments, each installment should be no less than 10% of the commission fee or 1000 rmb (the largest of which). The installment interval is one natural month, and Party A must pay within 14 days of receipt of the bill.

2.4    A 1.5%monthly service charge is payable for all overdue balances. Payments will be credited to payables after the outstanding balance has been paid first. Party A shall be liable for all collection or legal costs incurred in being late or in breach of contract. If Party A pays the late payment or the fee is not paid in full, Party B reserves the right to refuse delivery of the finished product or to resale the finished product.


3     Intellectual property agreement

3.1    Party B shall have the right of signature for the work completed.

3.2    Party A shall have full intellectual property rights or obtain appropriate authorization for the works submitted for production. Party B shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any intellectual property dispute arising from Party A's submission of the work.

3.3    Party B authorizes Party A to obtain the right to remuneration covering:

3.3.1    Attend parties, offline events, as guests / special guests to participate in various activities and forums.

3.3.2    Interviews with the media (newspapers, television, magazines, etc.).

3.3.3    Participate in competitive programs (China Good Voices, China's Got Talent, etc.).

3.3.4    Participate in and receive remuneration for events organized by non-profit organizations (usually sponsored by non-governmental organizations or non-profit organizations).

3.3.5    Becoming a UP owner and earning from advertising sponsorship are considered personal uses.

3.3.6    You are participating in these activities on behalf of yourself, not others, and there are no strict contractual restrictions on your behavior.

3.3.7    Other activities not listed in Article 4.

Remuneration from the activities listed above is permitted without prior consent from Party B.

3.4    The following acts are used for commercial purposes and Party A requires prior consultation to participate in any of the following activities

3.4.1    Commercial advertising (in any kind and form).

3.4.2    Commercial performances.

3.4.3    Participate in a TV series or film (in any kind and form).

3.4.4    Mascot (any kind and form).


4     Liability for breach of contract:

4.1    Violations of Article 3, paragraph 4, of the contract require payment of a minimum contract breach of contract of not less than RMB 50,000 and a fine of 30% of the income earned by Party B.

4.2    Direct or indirect injury resulting from participation in all activities listed in Article 3, paragraph 4, of this Contract is not covered by The warranty regulations, if Party B agrees to pay additional maintenance costs for The Repair Party A.

4.3    Projects that have been illegally participated in the violation after the discovery of the violation Party B has the right to decide whether to consent to Party A to continue to participate in the activities.


5     Rights and obligations of both parties

5.1    Party A obligations:

5.1.1    Party A shall pay the relevant expenses in accordance with the contract;

5.1.2    Party A shall submit information and documents to Party B within the prescribed time in accordance with the contents stipulated in this contract, and shall be responsible for its integrity, correctness and timeliness;

5.1.3    Party A changes the design subject matter or due to the submission of incorrect information, or to submit information to make a larger change, resulting in Party B design needs to be reworked, Party A shall be in accordance with The amount of work consumed by Party B in accordance with Annex 1 to pay Party B rework fees.

5.2    Party A Rights:

5.2.1    Before the first draft of Party B's design, Party A has the right to make suggestions and ideas on Party B's design, so that Party B's design works more in line with Party A's needs.

5.2.2    After the first draft of Party B's design, and in the design process specified in the form of commissioned design selected by Party A, Party A shall have the right to propose amendments to the works designed by Party B within the limitations set out in Annex 1;

5.3    Party B obligations:

5.3.1    Party B shall make every effort to design the works in accordance with the requirements of Party A.

5.3.2    Party B shall deliver the design works on time in accordance with the contract.

5.3.3    Party B shall be responsible for modifying or supplementing any omissions or errors in the planning and design, and Party B shall be responsible for taking remedial measures if the quality accident or loss is caused by Party B, but shall not be liable for any joint and several liability arising therefrom.

5.4    Party B Rights:

5.4.1    Party B has the right to request Party A to provide relevant information for Party B design reference;

5.4.2    Party B has the right to require Party A to pay the corresponding amount in accordance with the contract;

5.4.3    Party B reserves the right not to deliver the work until Party A has paid the bill and reserves the right to modify or resale the work.

5.4.4    Party B makes no warranty except as expressly stated and warranted in this Agreement. Party B expressly denies any other express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, marketability or warranties applicable to the laws or governmental rules or regulations applicable to this contract for specific purposes.


6     After-sales service

6.1    Imitation fur in the normal wearing, washing, drying conditions will appear slight hair loss, painting process fur long-term wearing and washing will appear after the surface color slightly off, etc. are normal.

6.2    Under normal wear conditions, the following warranty benefits are available for one year:

6.2.1    Clothing and other custom items in the wearing process of the adhesive lining foaming or deformation and other related conditions, can be repaired free of charge.

6.2.2    Clothing and other custom items in the process of wearing strip, buckle, zipper damage, broken accessories, etc. can be repaired free of charge.

6.3    Under normal wear conditions, the following repairs are available for two years:

6.3.1    Clothing and other custom items in the process of wearing, due to improper washing of the wearing caused damage, if allowed to charge maintenance services at the cost.

6.3.2    Clothing and other custom items in the process of wearing, due to changes in the shape of the parties caused by the incubation, in the circumstances permitting repair can be carried out, according to the cost of repair service charges.

6.3.3    Paint process fur free spray due to washing caused by discoloration. Party A pays the freight back and forth.

6.4 Exceptions to the warranty 6.4.1 The warranty does not cover any incidental losses actually incurred as a result of a defect in the product. The Wenfowl Wu Beast Studio warranty will not apply to the following situations: 6.4.2 Products are used for commercial purposes. 6.4.3 Failures caused by misuse or product mishandling, or damage caused by operations in places that do not conform to the recommended product environment. 6.4.4 Damage caused by an accident, including but not limited to floods or fires, natural disasters or traffic accidents. 6.4.5 Damage caused by animals. 6.4.6 Product damage caused by component losses (such components are considered consumable according to their characteristics) or product damage caused by damage to glass components. 6.4.7 Inccurable as a result of personnel changes in the transfer/sale of the person's uniform to another person. 6.4.8 Repairable damage caused by improper wearing or washing.


7     Liability for breach of contract

7.1    If Party A unilaterally terminates the contract after submitting the deposit, the deposit paid in advance shall not have the right to request a refund, and the outstanding works shall be disposed of by Party B itself;

7.2    Unless otherwise agreed, items that have been requested for payment but not paid by Party A within 90 days will be considered cancelled and the deposit will not be refunded. Items cancelled in this manner are deemed to be in breach of contract and Party B has the right to modify, sell or discard the work.

7.3    If Party A is not satisfied with the work for reasonable reasons (Party B reserves the right to determine whether the reasons are reasonable), Party A may return the work and record the paid items in the new project. If Party A does not want a new item, Party A will return the item and the balance will be less the deposit and refunded. Please note that this refund may be issued in installments. Party B reserves the right to resell any returned or refunded goods as is, or to make changes to the work. Items must be returned in optimal condition (taking into account the need for return) in order to be eligible for a refund.

7.4    If Party B terminates the contract early without valid reasons, all the fees charged will be returned to Party A, and the unmade works will be sold again by Party B after removing the identifiable features.

7.5    If either party (the breaching party) fails to perform its obligations under this contract in a sufficient and timely manner, the breaching party shall bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract. If the breach of contract causes damage to the other party, the breaching party shall be compensated for all the losses suffered as a result, including but not limited to damages, attorney's fees, litigation fees, notary fees, etc.


8     Limitations of liability

Party B's services and work products are sold "as is". In any case, Party B's greatest liability to Party A, whether contractual, infringing or otherwise, shall be limited to Party B's net profit. Under no circumstances shall Party B be liable for any loss of data or content, loss of profits, interruption of business or any indirect, incidental, special, consequeant, punitive or punitive damages arising out of or in connection with materials or services provided by Party B, or even the failure of any limited remedies if Party B has been informed of the possibility of such damages.


9     Other restrictions

9.1    Party A must describe in writing the important features of its design. Any unspeoed features may be ignored and Party B is not responsible for them

9.2    Some designs may not be physically reproducible. If this is the case, Party B will propose the closest physically viable alternative

9.3    Party B will not perfectly copy Party A's design. All designs will be modified to party B

9.4    Due to human proportions, human defects, material limitations, and physical limitations, certain features of conceptual art may not be reproduced as designed.


10   Force Majeure factor

Party B shall not be deemed to be in violation of this Agreement if it is unable to complete the Services or any part of it due to fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane or other adverse weather, labor disputes, war, terrorism, riots and anywhere, national or international law, changes in government orders or regulations or any other serious event or other serious factor beyond Party B's control (collectively, "Force Majeure Factor"). In the event of any force majeure event, Party B shall notify Party A of its inability to perform or delay the completion of the Services and shall propose amendments to the timetable for the completion of the Services. If either party is unable to perform the contract due to force majeure, it shall be resolved by mutual consultation and, indeed, cannot be adjusted, by the arbitration organ or in accordance with the contract law.


11   Splitability

Where possible, each provision of this contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the validity of applicable law, but if any provision of this contract is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Invalid or unenforceable terms shall be superseded by valid or enforceable provisions.


12   The contract is in effect

This contract shall take effect from the time of The first payment by Party A, with the payment date of the advance payment of the contract as the effective date; This contract is a multi-form, Party B sent an electronic version to Party A designated mailbox and back up a copy, all have the same legal effect; The annex to this contract has the same effect; The outstanding matters of the contract shall be resolved by the two parties in the most reasonable and lawful and effective manner.


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GentleFur Animal Commissioning Agreement

Annex 1

1.   Modify the service charge

1.1    Graphic design phase:

1.1.1     Graphic design modifications: Free (less than 3 times). 4 times and above at 300 yuan per charge)

1.1.2     The final draft of the graphic design has been significantly changed:500 yuan / time.

1.2    The production phase

1.2.1     Color change after the animal parts class:1000 yuan / time.

1.2.2     Replacement after the finish of the custom parts of the beast: revaluation according to the newly provided design (completed parts will be provided)

1.2.3     Replace the bottom mold after the animal's skull is haired:2000 yuan / time. (Completed skull will not be provided)

1.2.4     Change the base mold after coloring the skull:8000 yuan / time (completed skull will be provided)

1.2.5     Coloring of the animal skull:3000 yuan / time.

1.2.6     Add color or pattern after painting class full color:3000 yuan / time. (Only if the addition does not coincide with the existing design)

1.2.7     Color or pattern modification after full color painting: 80% charged for full-pack customization

1.2.8     Color change or pattern after full-packing of sewing classes: 80% charged at the custom price of full-pack


GentleFur Animal Commissioning Agreement

Annex 2





The total      price is (              ) RMB.

Party A is required to pay a deposit:          (           ) RMB whole

The remaining amount is divided into      interest-free instalments until payment is completed.


Detailed delegates:




Estimated delivery time:



Style Reference:




Design reference: