Q: How much is the Fursuit?
A: Please go directly to the Fursuit quotation page to fill in the relevant information. During the fursuit commission open time, we will reply to you with an official quotation based on your application.

Q: So how do I apply for a quotation?
A: Please go directly to the Fursuit quotation page to fill in the relevant information. (Please attach as many reference photos, commissions, or other useful information as possible)

Q: I am satisfied with the price, so when can I pay to get my project started as soon as possible?
A: Please do not make any payments until we have sent an official bill. The quotation is only for reference purposes. Providing a quotation does not mean that we have accepted your project, and you should not use the quotation as the basis of your order has been scheduled. We arrange production according to a strict production periodic table, and new projects are scheduled based on an application system. We usually only accept orders for specific periods of time. Please pay close attention to our homepage and Twitter or join our Telegram to get the latest news. At the same time, you should carefully read our Fursuit commission agreement to ensure that you will agree to all the terms. Once you pay, you agree to all the terms and are willing to comply.

Q: So what is the commission open day?
A: You will have a specific time window to submit your project to apply once we have notified the Open Day. We will select a portion of all submitted applications for production after the deadline. Due to the high volume of applications, not every project applied for will be accepted.

Q: So how can I increase my odds of being selected?
A: We will give priority to commercial orders such as movie and advertising orders. All individuals have equal priority. As a professional Fursuit studio, Gentlefur Studio hopes to cooperate with our customers in a professional and friendly manner. A project will last for a long time and we would like our clients to maintain a professional and friendly attitude with us. We will not work with vexatious, impatient, and rude clients.

Q: So how do I get into the production schedule?
A: Submit your application together with all reference materials on the Fursuit quotation page during the opening hours of the commission open day. Please describe your fursona as detail as possible in the form. Please prepare a deposit of no less than 30% in advance. If your order is accepted then we will send an email to you with the commission details and commission contract.

Q: When should I pay and how much?
A: Please prepare a deposit of no less than 30% on the order opening day. If you want to pay more than 30%, it is also possible, but you must inform us in advance so that we can send the correct bill and agreement. Please do not pre-pay before we send the confirmation email, the pre-paid payment will be refunded immediately (minus the handling fee) and will cause you to lose the eligibility to schedule.
Orders of less than $1,500 need to be paid in full.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept WeChat, Alipay, international wire transfers, and PayPal(2% transaction fee). Personal checks and standard money orders are not accepted.

Q: How do I pay in installments?
A: After paying the 30% deposit, the remaining amount will be split into 6 installments. Each installment will be paid 2 months apart (e.g. Jan/Mar/May etc.).

Q: I have paid the deposit, when is the next payment?
A: We will bill all customers on a fixed date each month. By default we will send bills by installment, if you would like to pay in advance please contact us so that we can send the correct bill.

Q: So how do I know when you guys open up for Commission?
A: Please pay attention to our announcement on Open Commission Day. At the same time, we will also announce the Open Day on Twitter and other social platforms in advance.

Q: I have been accepted, what to do next?

A: Congratulations! You are now in our production queue which you can follow on our Trello: Fursuit Commission Progress | Trello  Your tracking code is shown when you got our official reply and also your contract title. Please also contact @PhantomSpark on Telegram and state your tracking code so we can discuss your suit design and progress.

Q: Do I need to prepare a DTD for my fullsuit?

A: No you don’t need to make a DTD, we will send you a measurement guide just before your suit start. We have made all of our suits without DTD for a year now and they all fit perfectly.

Q: What’s the shipping cost?

A: Usually, shipping is around $400 for fullsuit and $200 for a partial (FedEx/UPS/DHL). If you live in Europe, your shipping cost will be higher and it will take longer to deliver. This is because your suit will be shipped to your country by a third-party carrier with tax and import fees cleared then hand over to the local FedEx or UPS.